Thu Jul 29 2021

Canopy stop bearing brackets and popup tipup bearings

I was going to countersink the stop bearing brackets for an AN509 screw. I had previously noted that the shaft on this countersink seemed slightly bent as it would wobble when countersinking and had labeled it thusly. After using a dial indicator to confirm that it was, indeed, slightly bent (~.009 TIR), I decided to straighten it out. This was the result. Sigh. Fortunately I have several countersink cages.

Here are the canopy stop bearing brackets after countersinking. I also opened up the holes in the base to #19 for some #8 screws. I carefully filed the side of the holes so that when drilling up to final size that their positions were spot-on. No photo of that, sorry.

Since I had primed the popup tipup housings a couple days ago, I decided it was time to press in the IGUS bearings.

Used a socket and the vise. They went in without trouble.