Tue Aug 17 2021

Fitting upper forward fuselage skin

After picking up a piece of 2024-T3 Alclad from Chris (thought I had some...didn't), I laid out the rivet locations on the skin and drilled a few starter holes. On the second hole, when drilling through the skin into the rib flange, the flange shifted over, causing the hole to be in the wrong spot. Grr. A rather inauspicious start. :-(

Here you can see how the rib flange had shifted to the right, causing the hole to be drilled to the left of the centerline. Since this is going to end up being a figure eight hole, I'll have to make a little doubler.

Went to assemble the ribs, spacers, glide plates, and all that stuff in preparation for drilling the majority of the holes in the skin. Found that the forward ends of these spacers needed to be sanded back a bit...they weren't letting the canopy gooseneck arms come far enough forward.

Here's everything in clecoed and bolted in place. The whole assembly is getting quite rigid. Nice to see.

Drilled the skin and rib flanges.