Tue Sep 21 2021

Composite touchup on canopy frame.

When I built up the tube bow of the canopy frame with epoxy and flox, I didn't go quite far enough at this end. So I decided to use a little 15 minute epoxy with flox to fill in the gap. Using some cardboard covered in packing tape to create little dams on each side, and a waxed drill bit to prevent the drilled hole from filling with epoxy.

Suffient amount of goo applied.

While that was curing, I decided to trim the aft edge of the strip which lays under the joint of the canopy skin and forward fuselage skin. The aft edge was rubbing the canopy frame when lifted up. Did the cut with snips, then filed it smooth.

Epoxy (mostly) cured.

Still soft enough to cut off the bulk of the mess with a utility knife.

While working with epoxy, I made up a fairly thin mix of micro to fill the gap between the bottom surface of this formed channel and the top surface of the bar to which the gooseneck arm is welded. Hopefully this mix was thin enough to fill the gap.