Sun Sep 26 2021

Fitting side rail and machining new spacers

I had previously machined a pair of little spacers for where the canopy latch handle pushrods attach. One of them is shown on the right. But, I didn't like that they had such a thin wouldn't do much to prevent the bolt from rocking back and forth in the canopy latch Jo and I worked on machining some replacements that were tapered. The one he machined is shown on the left.

Then, after he headed out, I machined a second one on the little lathe.

Spent a bunch of time tweaking the right canopy side rail. Some shrinking was required, some stretching, lots of twisting, and some hammering. Seems like it fits pretty well now.

Since I'm getting the fit pretty close, I need to get the joint plate drilled so the side rail position is repeatable as I remove and reinstall it to the canopy frame.