Sun Oct 03 2021

Filing aft end of side decks

Vans had me trim these side decks back when I was fitting them to the longerons. Unfortunately, the plans call for this cut to be a vertical cut, but with the tip-up canopy, they need to clear the latch rollers which will be eventually mounted on the canopy roll bar. Because that roll boar is inclined at an angle, those latch rollers come through the hole at an angle and interfere with the aft edge of this canopy deck where it was previously trimmed. So, the solution is to file the edge to an angle which matches the angle of the roll bar. Since I am hesitant to use a power tool in this confined space, I decided to just file it to avoid a mishap.

Here is the left side all trimmed up.

...and the right side. Jo did about half of this filing and I finished it up. Note the piece of masonite put in place to avoid accidentally denting or scratching the side skin with a file.