Thu Nov 25 2021

Smoothing canopy bow shrinker marks and assembling pushrod

I sanded the marks from the shrinker least as much as possible. The marks that remain will be filled with a bit of epoxy, then sanded smooth.

I also assembled the pushrod which connects from the bellcrank to the popup tipup mechanism.

Speaking of that bellcrank, I assembled it, too.

I went looking for bearings to use for the canopy stops, but the bearings which I purchased were surplus...pretty old...and the grease was dried up. They didn't turn as smoothly as I would have hoped. I picked the best four for the popup tipup mechanism, but decided I wasn't going to be happy with that. So, as a test to see if I could re-lubricate these, I took the shields out of one, and cleaned all the old grease out. It turns perfectly smooth now.