Tue Nov 30 2021

Drilling triangle ribs to canopy skin and stiffener

It's time to drill the canopy skin and center stiffener to match the little ribs on either side of the center stiffener. These ribs, along with cover plates for two of the three lightening holes will turn the trapped volume into a plenum which will vent thorugh the canopy skin to defog the canopy.

Clecoed the center stiffener in place and taped the ribs to that stiffener. That way, I could then remove the center stiffener and match drill it through those little ribs. Once those holes were drilled, I clecoed that center stiffener back in place (ribs still taped) and used a long #40 bit to reach down through the holes I had just drilled in order to match drill the canopy skin to the holes already existing in the top flange of the triangle ribs.

Everythign drilled and triangle ribs clecoed in place.

I countersunk all the holes in the sides of the canopy frame to accept dimples in the canopy skin.

This is going to be the handle for lifting the canopy from the outside. The plans have you cut an angle on the front and just square off the aft end, but I wanted something a bit smoother. I drew this ellipse on SolidWorks and printed it out to stick to one flange of the stock.

Here is the lift handle all cut and smoothed.

It will mount at this location to the left side skirt. Match drilled the side skirt to the little handle...

Then match drilled the side rail using the just-drilled holes in the side skirt.