Wed Dec 01 2021

Figuring out defogging hole locations

Put the canopy frame in location to try to get a sense for where to drill the defogging vent holes.

A photo of one of the little triangle ribs at either side of the plenum.

There's a fellow RV builder who has a YouTube channel, Karetaker Aero that is also building and RV-7A (or is it a -7...not sure). Anyway this fellow (coincidentally also named Mike) is at about the same point in the build as I am. I took this photo and contacted him with it to solicit input about where (in the forward-aft direction) I should drill these defogging holes. Mike ended up being super helpful, and his input was used a little later to drill a series of holes.

Primed the aft canopy bow and some other parts.

Installed nutplates for the fan(s?) and covers.