Thu Dec 02 2021

Flying in Greg Schroeder's completed Sportsman 2+2

Kerin and I headed down to TX for a half marathon (her, not me! ;-) Greg and his fiancee, Holly, were nice enough to put us up for a couple nights. While we were in town, Greg was kind enough to take us for a ride in his completed Sportsman 2+2. How cool is that?! He built this freakin' thing, and *it flies*!!! Awesome!

Greg didn't have the back seats in, so we went for two separate flights. Kerin went first.

Here's an image of Greg's panel. Nice, clean layout.

...a view out front.

Just a couple good-ol-boys out for a flight!

It was nice smooth weather this evening. The flight was just awesome, and the best part was that I got to go for a ride in the plane my good friend built. It still blows my mind. Some day we'll be able to go flying together in our own airplanes. I just need to keep plugging away at it.