Sun Dec 12 2021

Riveting canopy skin

Here's the little blob of epoxy and micro that's going right under that one rivet hole that's on the bend.

Chris came over and helped rivet the canopy skin to the frame. Thanks, Chris!

Afterwards, I installed the blind rivets attaching the canopy skin to the canopy frame bow.

Here's a view from underneath showing the blind riveting required for the stiffening kit. One small error I did make is that the little straps which span the slots cut through to the lightening holes are supposed to have AN470 rivets installed. Those would have had to have been installed earlier, so I used blind rivets.

...and a view from the top.

Here's a closeup of that one rivet hole on the bend (on each side). Thinking about it more, I think I may just fill this with epoxy and flox and sand it smooth. There's just too much chance of f*#king it up to put a rivet in this location. Note, the canopy is in the "popped-up" position for this photo...hence the large gap between the canopy skin and the longeron.