Fri Feb 18 2022

More gas strut stop plate shenanigans and new upper forward fuselage skin

Here's the mold of the bearing I made to determine improved geometry for the stop plate. Unfortunately, when I molded the bearing the last time, the bearing was contacting the stop plate through the molding putty, so I can't be sure the canopy frame wasn't under stress. Going to have to try this again.

So, I quickly sanded some relief where the bearing will rest...

...and used another mix of molding putty to cast the bearings position again.

While that was curing, I decided to make a new upper, forward fuselage skin. The outboard-most, aft-most rivet holes had bad edge distance. Actually, Van's design has bad edge distance also, and my edge distance was similar (worse on the right side), so I decided to remake this skin to solve that issue. Clamped the old skin on top of a new sheet of aluminum and match drilled.

The edges had only had half the holes drilled, so I used Van's prepunched skin to locate the rest. Just cut off the relevant piece of Van's skin to use as a drilling template.

All drilled...

...and trimmed. This .032 thick sheet is tough on the hands when using hand snips.