Sun Feb 20 2022

Checking canopy/panel clearance and bellcrank wear plate

Jo was over and we decided to check to ensure that after riveting the canopy frame still had clearance to the panel. We're going to use some silicone molding putty at these locations, so we just masked it off. You can see the four little dabs of molding putty atop the panel.

The molding putty wasn't squished to a zero thickness, which means we've got some clearance.

After that, we fabricated a wear plate for the bellcrank. Because the pushrods enter and exit the bellcrank somewhat out-of-plane, the assembly has some flex to it. I wasn't happy with that, so decided to support the bellcrank at the pushrod attachment locations.

Capturing how much the longerons angle down at the bend. This angle is going to be needed for some CAD work I'll be doing for the next generation of gas strut stop plates.