Sat Mar 26 2022

New gas strut stop plates

Made a couple new stop plates at Chris' house today.

Sanded some curvature into the lower edge back at my shop.

It's hard to see here, but the stop bearing bracket is being lifted up somewhat...maybe .040.

Here's a side view of the left stop plate.

...and the right one.

...but when the gas strut is installed, the flex in the canopy is sufficient that a more gradual lead-in is necessary. So, I sanded the rounded lead-in to be just a ramp.

I also started to fabricate (yet another) set of stop bearing brackets. These will be the 10th and 11th brackets of this sort I (or Jo) have made. The modification this time will be to include a third mounting screw forward of the panel to prevent the gas strut from lifting that bracket up. Here are dimensions for the positions of the two side holes from the forward edge.

...and dimensions for those same two holes from the bottom edge.