Wed Apr 06 2022

Miscellaneous canopy tasks

I screwed on the cover plates for the two outboard mounting/lightening holes of the center canopy stiffening brace (aka defogger plenum).

Then I got busy riveting these two nutplate plates to the inside flanges of the F-704 bulkhead. The nutplates will be used when installing the bellcrank support bracket.

Speaking of that bracket, here it is! I only have two rivets holding the wear plate on right now as it's likely that this will come apart again in the future for painting.

Next up was to drill the cotterpin hole in the canopy safety latch handle. Using my drilling guide for this task.

Delrin block, washer, and cotter pin installed.

This is what it'll look like installed on the aft canopy bow.

Next, time to position and figure out a mount for the microswitches which will be used to sense presence of the canopy latch rollers and that the canopy latch bar is pivoted to the latched position.

Here's a closer view of the switch with the latch hook in the latched position.

In the unlatched position, the switch is fairly close to that pushrod end, but it's not quite as bad as it looks here. The pushrod is actually about 1/4" outboard of the switch, so I think it'll be OK.