Thu Apr 07 2022

Canopy latch sensing brackets

I made a prototype switch mounting bracket out of some cardboard.

Then I took a picture of it with a scale in the picture. I imported this into SolidWorks, scaled the picture so that the 4" length shown on the scale was 4" in Solidworks, and traced the cardboard template in CAD.

Here's a print of the resulting SolidWorks drawing.

I used some spray adhesive to stick it to a piece of .063 and cut, sanded, drilled and filed resulting in this bracket.

I also needed to make a couple little spacers, so I turned them out on the lathe.

Getting ready to part off one of the spacers.

Here's the left side bracket partially installed. There is one screw remaining to be drilled.

Clearance with the pushrod end looks tight, but acceptable.