Sat May 07 2022

Rear window retaining strips

So, I used the strip I fabricated yesterday as a pattern to create one that was just a bit longer at the top / center end. Then, I used *that* one to fabricate another for the other side of the fuselage.

Here's the right side strip all clamped in place.

The aft / bottom edge of this strip needs little tabs all along. In the curved area, those tabs need to be pretty short to permit a smooth curve; but, at the forward end, there is very little curvature, so the tabs can be wider.

Same at the top end...there a few wider tabs before the rest are all 5/8" wide to accomodate the curvature of the turtledeck skin.

After laying out the tabs, I drilled a starter hole #40 at each of the gaps between the tabs.

After transferring the #40 holes in one strip through to the other, I clecoed them together and drilled them all up to 1/4" with a step drill.

I also laid out and drilled where the rivet locations will be in both strips.

Then, it was time to snip out the little bit of material between adjacent tabs.