Thu May 19 2022

Fitting canopy

The canopy wanted to sit down a bit further, but the front corners were holding it up. So, I trimmed a bit off.

Starting to fit better at teh front, but not yet touching any of my indicator strips at the roll bar. The tallest is 1/2" above the roll bar, then they get progressively shorter 1/8" at a time. The goal is to have the 1/8" of Sikaflex adhesive over this roll bar.

With the canopy nested *inside* the canopy skin ears for the first time, I could see the front corners needed more trimming to yield a curved shape that leads back towards the side rails.

After trimming and putting the canopy back on the plane, I could see that the top tab of the canopy frame on each side (the tab that rivets to the top / front of each of the side rails) was preventing the canopy from sitting down. I'm going to have to tweak that tomorrow.