Mon Jun 27 2022

Checking clearance between canopy bubble and frame

You may recall that I've recently bent the flanges of the side rails and the tabs of the canopy frame so that they lean inward somewhat. In order to ensure they're bent in enough that there is no metal-to-acrylic contact, I mixed up a bit of silicone molding putty, wrapped it in some saran wrap, and positioned it at the location of concern. Then, with Kerin's help, I placed the canopy on and let the silicone putty cure.

The putty has some (non-zero) thickness, so it looks like I've bent those flanges inward enough.

I sectioned the putty a bunch of times to ensure there were no locations where the putty thickness went to zero. Looks good!

While I was repeating the process with the silicone putty on the right side of the canopy, I decided to tape around these little patches I had added years ago when I inadvertently drilled a snap bushing hole in the wrong location. I also masked around the similar patch on the other side of the fuselage.

Some time later, the putty check on the right side of the canopy was cured, so I sectioned it. Looks good here as well. :-)

I mixed up a tiny batch of exoxy and microballoons to fill over these patches. At the temps in the shop (high 90s), the 15 minute epoxy I used was more like 3 minute epoxy.