Fri Jul 01 2022

Testing filling glareshield edge with micro

Knowing how thick epoxy with microballoons can be, I decided to experiment with how I was going to get the epoxy and micro into the tube. So, on a sample of tubing, slit with the die grinder, just like the edging tube, I got my materials ready.

Mixed up a batch of micro and spread it on this piece of polyethylene plastic. One edge of the plastic was already fit into the slot along the side of the tube and taped in place.

I then, folded over the other edge of the plastic and tucked / taped it into the slot. With two more pieces of tape on the sides, this formed a little pouch which I could squeeze to easily fill the tube with the mix.

Umm...yeah...that didn't work at all. The gap was too small and the mix just burst the tape out rather than going into the tube. I tried just using a razor blade to squeegee a little of the mix at a time through the slot.

Although that worked, it made a horrible mess and took way too long. There's no way this is going to work on the full ~42" length of the glare shield edge.

After acetone cleanup, the sample looked ok.