Sat Jul 02 2022

Testing filling glareshield edge with micro

Another experiment today: I made a little luer lock adapter block so taht I could use a syringe filled with micro to squirt through the slot, working my way down a little at a time.

All ready to try it out!

Umm...yeah...that didn't work at all. The micro was just too thick to squirt through the syringe or the luer lock adapter or the little plastic block or the slot. Basically nothing went into the tube. My dad was over while this was going on and suggested I inject through the end of the tube. Although I had originally discounted this idea because of a belief that the mix would just come out the slot instead of going down the tube, it occurred to me that I could temporarily wrap the tube in tape. So, that's what I did.

I also drilled out the end of the syringe with a #10 drill so it would flow easeier.

That actually worked pretty well! Here is the sample with the tape removed. I could tell that it was getting harder to push even as this short tube was filing up, so I'm going to have to make the flow path as large as possible to fill the full lenght of my glareshield edge tube.

At the urging of my dad, I also tried just injecting into the end without wrapping the tube with tape. The micro just flowed out the gap.

So, after this, I made an adapter block so that I could attach a large syringe to the tube end. It's not quite finished as I don't kknow yet what thread to use to attach a (drilled-out) syringe. The large, 100 mL syringes I ordered won't arrive until Sunday.