Tue Jul 12 2022

Painting interior parts

After googling "how to paint" (not kidding), I ordered some of these tack cloths. Hopefully a quick wipe down before painting will help prevent most of the dust nibs I've been having trouble with.

While shaking the can of paint, I heard quite a loud bang. Turns out that the little ball inside had peened the bottom of the can enough that the pressure caused it to go from concave to convex. Crazy.

Parts painted and baking in the oven.

As an additional attempt to prevent dust nibs, I did the painting in the garage. Even though I hung plastic around three sides of the painting rack and on the floor, the overspray was really bad. I wiped some of it up with acetone, but here you can see how much overspray there was. I'm going to have to come up with a better approach.

The good news is the parts came out better. The roll bar support has a sag on one side that I'll probably fix, and the fuel pump cover needs another coat on the sides, but there were not nearly as many dust nibs as before.