Sat Sep 24 2022

Interior side panels

Chris came over and helped me tip the fuselage on its side to facilitate making a fiberglass layup on the inside surface of the side of the fuselage which will later get upholstered.

First consideration was to ensure I didn't cause any problems for the rudder cables. So, I ran this tube between two snap bushings to ensure the cable had a clear path.

However, I didn't think a 1/2" diameter clear path was enough, so I decided to put a piece of 1/2" PVC here. The ends of the PVC needed angled to match the bulkheads, so here I'm checking the angle.

PVC in place.

When these panels are completed, I don't want the fiberglass to rub or vibrate against the aluminum, so I'll include a felt backer. In order to determine how thick the felt is going to be, and thus leave sufficient space for it, I went to Joann Fabrics and bought a couple yards.

Looks like about .058 thick.

In order to allow room for the felt, I'll use multiple layers of this poster board. Four layers should do it.

Here are three layers of poster board in place in the bay above the arm rest. The fourth layer will overlap the flange of the arm rest.