Fri Sep 30 2022

Interior side panels

Everything gets coated in packing tape to allow the fiberglass layup to release once cured.

Worked on the transition from the bay above the arm rest to the F-704 carrythough spar bulkhead.

Now, time to work on the bays forward of F-704. Putting a tube here to protect the rudder cable path proved more difficult. You can see the PVC that will go here. I had to put a notch on the inboard side near the forward (left in this photo) end to clear a small turndown flange of the F-703 (F-903?) bulkhead. The center tube needed to be cut into two pieces since there was no way to get a single, long tube into position. Also, I didn't think to remove the snap bushings several days ago; and since I've already done a bunch of work on F-704, I don't want to rip all that off just to get the snap bushing out. So, I'm using a small wood dowel in the medium aluminum dowel to support the aft (right) end of the PVC tube.

It was a hassle figuring that out, but it worked okay.

Spent a few hours layering poster board in these two bays. The lower one isn't done yet, but you may already get the idea that there will be a recessed pocket at this location for a map or whatever. Hopefully I can finish with the posterboard and do the fiberglass layup on Sunday.