Sun Oct 09 2022

Interior side panel pocket

Time to do a layup on the mold to make one of the side pockets. Everything is prepped.

Jo was over today and did most of this (his first) layup. He cut out the cloth of appropriate size. Three layers.

Mixed the epoxy to the right proportions.

Poured on the epoxy, folded the top layer of plastic over, and squeegeed the epoxy around with an old shopping card. Excess epoxy was squeegied out of the cloth into the fold of the layers of plastic.

Epoxy laid on, followed by peel ply, then felt (using scraps available). We put the whole shebang in a plastic bag and vacuumed 'er down (pic at the bottom).

While that was curing, we did a test with the 1.5" diameter hole punch that arrived yesterday. The center bolt requires a 3/8" diameter hole.

With the male (tapped) punch clamped in the vise, we arranged the test part, the female die, and the bolt.

A few easy turns of the bolt with an allen wrench and we had a nice, relatively clean hole.

Jo drilled starter holes at all 72 lightening hole locations in the seat backs (36 in each seat back).

Here's the layup curing with the vacuum applied.