Mon Oct 10 2022

Interior side panel pocket

Here is the cured layup with the vacuum bag removed. The felt soaked up the excess epoxy.

Peeling off the felt and peel ply. It's pretty stiff and requires a lot of pulling.

I was having a lot of trouble getting the part to release, so I drilled a hole through the mold in order to shoot compressed air.

Partly released.

Okay, it's off. Next time, I'll add draft to the mold and also use something better than wax for the mold release. A lot of the primer came off the mold. :-(

After a bunch of work sanding the primer off the part, I trimmed the edges.

...and sanded them as well. This part isn't has a couple small delaminations caused by the pry bar in the effort to release the part from the mold. However, it'll be good enough for the intended purpose. I'll have to clean it well and apply a bit of micro to fill in a few small voids. Also, I think the mold is probably good enough to use once more after a bit of refurbishment.