Sat Oct 29 2022

Interior side panel pocket doors

Sanded the top surface of the two pockets smooth. Unfortunately there were some irregularities on this upper surface. Maybe next time I'll cover the upper surface with a smooth piece of plastic.

So, I mixed up a batch of micro ans spread it out over the upper surface of each door.

While that was curing, I decided to work on painting this battery box. I cut the holes in it long ago and have never gotten around to repainting it. For cleaning, I'm now using these cleanroom wipes to help cut down on the lint created. Also, a tack cloth really helps keep the dust nibs down.

I'll paint these, too. This photo should help me get the orientation right after painting. Note the one on the right has a two punch marks. The one on the left has a single one, but it's on the opposite side. Between those punch marks and this photo, I should be able to get the parts oriented correctly.