Mon Oct 31 2022

Interior side panel pocket

Removed the felt and peel ply from the layup. Looks good so far.

Unfortunately, that mold release didn't help much. I had to use a pry bar to pop the center mold piece out.

...and a mallet to pop the other ones free. Much primer and glazing putty was left in the part.

The glazing putty wiped out pretty quickly with acetone.

Did some sanding to remove some of the primer.

My workbench is such a mess. Anyway, here are some of the parts I painted (or re-painted) today.

Also, I painted the glare shield. It's drying upside down in my dining area. Unfortunately, I got a couple big sags during this paint job, so this part is going to need to be reworked.

After that, I sanded down the micro on one of the side panel pocket doors.

Nice and smooth now.

The layup kind of stuck even though it was laid up on packing tape. Maybe I should wax the tape or spray it with mold release?

Trimmed the part to the nice, rectangular shape it needs to be.

Unfortunately, it's pretty flexible. Maybe I'll just make an aluminum door instead.

Last thing for today...when Chris was over, yesterday, he mentioned that he thought most of the noise from the vacuum pump was coming from the sintered muffler.

So, I bought a new Parker muffler on Amazon. It came today (one day delivery!), so I installed it. I found a sound meter app for my phone and checked the noise level with the old muffler, then with the new muffler. The result: new muffler is 1 dB louder. :-(