Fri Nov 18 2022

Painting canopy frame

Today was reasonably warm, so I took advantage of the weather to do some more painting of the canopy. I masked off the (already painted) glare shield (which is painted flat black) to prevent any overspray of the satin black I was going to be spraying today. Note, since I was going to be spraying the underside of the canopy skin and canopy brace area, I actually cut a hole through the masking paper where the vent holes are drilled, then used blue painters tape to re-mask off the area around those holes. I didn't want the paper to separate slightly from the glare shield and allow overspray or wet paint to find it's way between the masking paper and the completed glare shield paint job.

So, I flipped it over, and tack ragged it all down, then sprayed the underside. Unfortunately, the spraying kicked up quite a bit of dust that had apparently been hiding under the reinforcements, so there are a ton of dust nibs. Well, I'm not going to do anything about that. This area is on the underside and won't be visible, so I'll just live with it. Lesson learned, however...use an air nozzle to blow everything out before using the tack rag.

I hung the canopy frame from some shelves so the wet surface was vertical in hopes of preventing yet more dust nibs from settling in the paint.