Thu Jan 12 2023

Painting canopy frame

It's been pretty cold and extremely rainy recently, so I've not been doing much work in the shop and have definitely not been painting. However, today we got a break from all that and I decided to paint the exterior surfaces of the side rails. They came out really well. After painting, I hung the canopy frame from the clamps to prevent dust nibs.

Since I was painting, I decided to paint a few additional pieces such as the canopy latch rollers and some tiny bushings used as spacers for the canopy latch position sensing switch mounts.

These little parts got put in the toaster oven to dry the paint more quickly. This really works well...about an hour in the oven at ~200 F and the paint is nice and hard. Unfortunately, I forgot I had the oven on and left them in overnight. No harm done to the parts, but a waste of electricity.