Wed Feb 15 2023

Fabricating new bellcrank wear plate (fail)

I've been wanting to make a new copy of the bellcrank wear plate for a while. I made the first one out of white UHMW plastic, but since the interior is going to be all black, I decided to replicate it from black UHMW plastic. Here, I'm using the original wear plate to transfer the hole pattern.

I then trimmed this scrap wood block...

...and sanded the edges down to size.

Now it's time to transfer the little relief area (clearance for the small pushrod). I aplied a bit of blue tape and traced the edges of the relief area with a sharpie.

...then just transferred the blue tape over to the new part.

Most of the material removal was done with a file.

...but I smoothed it out a bit using sandpaper. Unfortunately, the sandpaper left a rough surface. Functionally it's fine, but I wanted to see if I could improve the aesthetics.

So, after doing a test on a piece of scrap, I decided to try heat polishing it.

A little lumpy, but it doesn't have that sanded appearance anymore.

Unfortunately, the heat melted the plastic through the tape, pretty much messing this part up. I'll try again.