Mon Aug 20 2007

Mangled rivet fixing :-)

Today I gave it another go on riveting the outboard rib nose doublers. I managed to get the left doubler in so-so shape.

The right rib nose doubler actually came out pretty well. What made the difference you ask? ...

... It was this little gem. I picked it up after work today. I figured that the problem was that the space between the ribs was so cramped and I couldn't get good light to see my bucking setup. So I remembered my friend Brent had a work light like this one and it really lit up the bays. It turned out to be just what the doctor ordered. With plenty of light, I was able to greatly improve my bucking. Tomorrow I'll try to do the inboard doublers. Those should be a lot easier because I should be able to use the longer, heavier bucking bar.