Fri Oct 12 2007

Riveting bottom skins

Late last night (actually early this morning), I releveled and plumbed the wing to make sure there wasn't any twist in the wing and clamped it all in place. Brent's coming over today to help rivet on the bottom skins onto the right wing, so I want to make sure this is all prepped.

After work, Brent came up. Man, did we crank out the rivets! In just over two hours, we got roughly half the riveting done on the right wing.

Brent ran the gun. His timing is perfection, and he also does a great job of keeping the gun centered on the rivet so you get that nice solid sound and good contact between the set and the rivet.

I'm trying to rope my friend, Greg, into helping out this weekend, but if he can't do it, Brent offered to possibly come back over early next week. W00t!