Thu Feb 26 2009

EAA9 homebuilders visit

This evening, some of the folks from our local chapter, EAA9 came to check out the progress of the build. Here's Dave, Bob, Tom, and I. All photos were taken by Dick Wetherald, our chapter president. Thanks, Dick for your permission to post these on the site.

I showed the guys the new joggles from the joggle tooling I made.

Dave was curious about the fishing line I had run along the tailcone. Jeff and Clare checked out end of the tailcone.

So I explained how I was going to be adding extra stiffeners along the bottom of the fuselage to prevent oil canning in the forward and middle panels of the tailcone bottom. The panels buckle in quite easily without the stiffeners.

The reason for doing this is based on the photos that Jamie Painter posted on VAF that demonstrated the buckling.

They'll be tied into the F-706 bulkhead at the front end. Tom, on the left added similar stiffeners to his RV-7A.

Here are (from left to right) me, Jeff (builder of a Zenith-601) and Dave talking airplanes.