Sat Jan 16 2010

Flying with Dick Wetherald

Today, I went flying with Dick Wetherald. It was a crappy day on the ground...overcast with 250 to 400ft ceilings. Dick's IFR rated and enjoys keeping current, so this was no problem for him.

We flew from OSU airport up to Mansfield, OH and met RV-9A builder and EAA9 member, John Bowen. John was nice enough to pick us up and join us for lunch since the on-field restaurant was closed.

Although it was dreary below the clouds, up on top it was a beautiful sunny day. The flight was as smooth as glass...not like flying on a summer day. Dick was nice enough to let me get some stick...err yoke...time and even let me fly the beginning of the approach until we were nearing the clouds. Thanks, Dick!