Tue Jul 26 2011

Oshkosh 2011

Well, Kerin, her sister, Kristina, and her two boys, Jake and Tyler arrived in Oshkosh last night. Their first mission this morning was to get our niece, Lauren's, book signed by the author, Lynda Meeks.

After that, we went walking around the show a bit. I showed the gang the RV parking area so they could see that I'm not the only nutbag building an airplane. Then we walked across the taxiway to the warbirds area. Here's Kerin standing in front of a P-51.

Jake tooke a break in the shade of a P-51 wing.

Here's our whole gang (minus Chris) in front of one of only three flying P-38s.

This P-51 had the gun and ammo access doors open.

Kris and Jake watched a video

Kerin and Tyler in front of a T-6.

Chris joined up with us again and we got this shot of the two of us in front of Bob Hoover's former P-51, Ole Yeller.

This fellow was replicating the nose art, "Twilight Tear" from a war time photo (below).

These fellows were talking about their experiences during the war. I wish I had heard their whole talk.

This Blue Angels jet made a touch-n-go before the airshow.

FIFI, the only flying B-29 in the world made her arrival.


Apparently Chris was tired out from all the walking around and decided a snooze was in order.

Same for Jake.

Part of the airshow was a tribute to Bob Hoover. The pilot did a nice job in this Shrike Commander, but nowhere as good as Bob. I remember seeing him do a 16 pt power off roll in his shrike commander at Rickenbacker Airforce Base when I was a kid. This fellow did a nice 8 pt power on roll.

For whatever reason, the photos from Kerin's camera didn't interleave with those from mine. Anyway, Kerin took these earler in the day. Here is Tyler with Kris.

Chris getting ready to head out.

Jake doesn't seem too enthusiastic yet.

Lynda Meeks signing Lauren's book.

The RV parking area. (You mean there's this many crazy people building their own airplanes?) Oh yes...all these and many, many more.

Tyler liked this sign.

Tyler, me, and Jake.

There's a lot packed in under that cowl.

The blue tipped bullets are tracer rounds.

Kerin, Kris, Jake, and Tyler went through the CH-53 helicopter.

Wires everywhere.

...and tubing. Gah!

Sky writing.