Tue Aug 18 2020

Miscellaneous interior work

Some of the covers for the fuel and brake lines still needed nutplates. Using a cleco to hold on the nutplate for riveting one side is a hassle as the cleco kind of interferes with the squeezer. So I shortened a screw so that it would only engage a thread or two...not going so deep as to screw into the squeezed portion of the nutplate. Anyway, I added the nutplates to these covers.

Looking through the manual for items I haven't checked off, I found that I needed to match drill the firewall recess to the louvered heater plenum...

However, before match drilling these holes, I really should rivet the tabs in place on this firewall recess.

Like that.

Match drilled.

...and nutplates installed.

There's also this one hole. I drilled it up to size for a #10 bolt to hold on the battery box long ago, but the firewall recess still has a #40 dimpled hole at this location. Here, I'm using a mirror to get a view of the hole from the back side. If I hadn't already riveted on the angle for the firewall subpanel, I could just drill it through from the back side. However, with that angle, there's no access. Since it doesn't look quite centered, I'm going to carefully file it from the front.

Fits a #10 bolt now.

Time to work on some leftover stuff in the vicinity of the flap weldment. These tabs are not welded on square to the main axis of the flap weldment. I have been consistently underwhelmed with the quality / precision of Van's weldments.

Anyway, I drilled all three pivot locations up to 1/4".

Riveted this angle to the bottom of the vertical brace on the aft side of the flap actuator area.

...and nutplates on the top to attach to the F-706 bulkhead (the seat back cross brace).

Also, nutplates along the sides for the flap actuator side covers.