Sat Aug 07 2021

Popup tipup torsion rod outboard bearing block

While still pondering how to connect the canopy latch handle to the popup tipup torsion rod, I decided to fabricate a bearing block to support the outboard end of that rod. Because of a desire to mount it to the underside of the upper left firwall gusset, I'll need to drill the hole in the UHMW bearing block at an angle. As I'm sure you're aware, it's not really possible to drill a hole at an angle without some external support. So, I got started on making some guide blocks. First thing was to square up this piece of oak.

That's better. I had prevously made this little guide plate with a 1/2" hole positioned the correct distance from one edge to correspond with how far that torsion rod is below the firewall gusset. Now, I can use this guide plate to drill a well-positioned hole in this block of oak.


The shaft support hole in the UHMW bearing block needs to be drilled 30 degrees from square, so I will need to split this piece of oak at the same angle to make two guide blocks.

UHMW taped to guide blocks using double sided tape, as well as masking tape.

That was going so well. At least until I realized I had drilled the hole at a 30 degree angle the *wrong* way. Sigh.

Here's the second attempt. The guide block shifted while drilling. :-/

Okay...let's try a different approach. Here I've used some coarse screws to attach the raw material to a guide block. Trimming them up to exactly the same width in with the table saw.

Hole drilled somewhere in the middle of the stock, trimmed up the sides to fit under the gusset and make the bearing block a nice even dimension high, 1 1/2".

Ends of bearing block trimmed and mounting holes drilled. Shown with a couple extra-long bolts temporarily in place. I need to get some AN3-17A bolts for this bearing block.