Mon Aug 23 2021

Fitting upper forward fuselage skin

There were a few remaining holes that needed riveted through the skin and structure. Drilling them here with a 1/16" starter drill. These lie at the intersection of the ribs and sub panel flanges.

In between the two ribs, I also added two more rivet holes to stiffen up this unsupported span of skin, spacer strip, and weather guard strip. There isn't any support for these layers here because the gooseneck arms of the canopy frame fit through the sub panel at this location.

As instructed in the plans, I had avoided riveting the longeron to the top flange of the F-902 bulkhead. I couldn't find any reference to these rivets on drawing 24 nor 24A, so after puzzling about it for a while, I decided it would be OK to install these two rivets.

I transferred the forward edge of F-902 top flange to the top of the longeron, measured the location of the outboard edge of that same tab, then marked and punched for a single AN470 rivet that would have appropriate edge distance with everything.

I riveted these with the gun. They came out pretty mediocre, but good enough to move on.