Fri Aug 27 2021

Priming and assembling upper forward structure

Cleaned and primed all these parts. All, that is, except for the center rib. Somehow I missed this one.

It was pretty warm today, so the primer dried quickly. Afterwards, I riveted on the little angle flanges.

In preparation for riveting the doublers to the ribs, I temporarily assembled all the layers which will be stacked up and re-dimpled them in assembly. This was to ensure everything was squeezed together along the top flange as well as possible so that the doublers would be well aligned for riveting to the ribs.

So, I riveted the doublers to the ribs.

Also riveted the flanges to the top edge of the sub panel

...and clecoed everything in position in the airplane. I'll see if Chris can help me install these ~60 rivets.

Last thing for today was to install these little nutplates.