Mon Sep 27 2021

Canopy side rail and canopy bow

Drilled the joint plate to the side rail and the canopy frame. I still need to make the little wedge that fills the gap between the joint plate flange and the canopy frame flange. I'm thinking about doing a lost wax casting to get a perfect fit filling this gap, but that'll take extra effort. I actually think this is pretty important...the only Sika bonded canopy crack I've ever heard of occurred right at this location. Probably some slight movement putting stress on the plexiglass, so I want to make sure this joint is extra secure.

Also worth noting here is that the tab of the canopy frame which is clamped to the side rail is slightly too sticks above the top edge of the side rail.

So, I filed it down, then laid out and drilled a couple rivet holes. All these holes will be drilled up to #30, but they're #40 for now.

While examining the aft end of the side rail, I decided I needed to fit the canopy bow. So, I got the bow halves out, took some measurements, checked to see how they fit with the roll bar bow, then did some trimming.

After trimming, sanding, and filing the bow, I laid out and drilled the joint plate, then drilled that to the the bow. All holes #40 initially...some will be drilled up to #30 for AN426 (flush) rivets, and some for AN3 bolts.

The holes for bolts need to be a match for this UHMW block used as part of the secondary canopy latch. I match drilled them up to #12...

...then drilled the holes in the block only to #10 per the instructions.

Countersunk the holes for the countersunk heads of the AN509-10R18 screws that will hold it on.

Screws sit nice and flush.

Drilled all the rivet holes to #30. BTW, just ignore that pile of crap in the background. I need to spend some time cleaning. Sigh.

Countersunk the forward and bottom holes for AN426 rivets. That's it for today.