Mon Oct 04 2021

Fitting canopy side rails

The right side rail is somewhat deformed where the aft angle is welded on. I mixed up some epoxy and flox to fill it in.

Used the big arbor press to re-joggle the left side canopy side rail so that there is sufficient offset for the Sikaflex adhesive I'll be using. Also drilled the joint plate to both the canopy frame and side rail.

Tweaked the canopy frame tab and filed it down as I did on the right side.

After the epoxy cured, I sanded down the filled area. Although there are some small voids, this should be plenty good...this entire side will be covered with another sheet of aluminum, so this filler won't be visible at all.

And, as with the right side, after much twisting, bending, shrinking, and stretching, the left side rail was a very nice match to the curvature of the fuselage side.

Same problem on the left side as on the right, so another batch of epoxy and flox to fill the recessed area.