Thu Oct 14 2021

Fabricating canopy strut mounting blocks

First thing for today is to sand down these little patches of filler I cast in place yesterday. Looks like I used a bit too much filler. I'll sand this down. It may require a second application thereafter.

Sanded down some of the excess filler. I'll add a bit more filler right at the rivet hole sometime soon to get the countour just right.

With the canopy frame going in and out frequently, I decided to add some chamfers to the forward edges of the gooseneck arms to ease installation.

Then it was time to start fabricating the canopy strut mounting blocks. Mine are different from Van's plans because I'm going to use a bearing as a stop when the canopy is down to resist the force of the struts. Since the bearing will need to follow a surface that is concentric with the pivot point, the forward surface of this block will be at an angle that approximates the curve.

Some trimming done.

Also, since this flat side of the canopy frame isn't straight up and down, I need to sand a matching angle into the outboard face of this block (which will mount to the inside of the canopy frame).

The angle is correct, but I should have written "TILT BACK" along the other edge.

With so many weird angles, it's a challenge to clamp this block up for drilling. Here, I'm drilling for the tapped hole which will accept the 5/16-18 spherical stud.