Wed Oct 20 2021

Canopy stop bearing mounts

When making the mirror image bracket for the right side, the first thing to do is to drill the #12 hole for the bearing mounting screw.

Used the first one to trace the outline for the second.

With both cut out and filed down, I clamped them up and used some sandpaper to get a nice square, polished edge.

Drilling through the holes in the left bracket to match the right bracket (mostly hidden by and clamped up with the wood block).

Right side bracket complete.

Polished them up. This aluminum isn't 6061-T6. It's softer. I think the architectural angle I made them from is 6063...not sure what temper...maybe T52? Matweb says the yield strength of 6063-T52 is 21ksi whereas 6061-T6 is 40ksi. Whatever the case, they scratch more easily than 6061-T6.

With the two brackets in place, I strung a bit of fishing line through the holes and took a measurement from the pivot points to the bearing centerline. After adjusting for the diameter of the canopy pivot pins and the diameter of the bearing mounting screw, the center-to-center distance is 11 19/32.