Thu Dec 09 2021

Aft canopy bow finishing and defogger plenum testing

We're back from TX and Kerin officially has another half marathon under her belt. Time to get back to work. When I primed this canopy bow, the primer didn't flow out correctly on the epoxied filler, so I sanded that back down. It'll get reprimed soon.

In order to gain confidence about the location of the defogging holes in the canopy skin, I wanted to do a test. So I constructed this cardboard mockup of the defogging plenum volume and drilled holes to match what I was thinking.

Taped the fan to the back of the plenum...

...and powered it up using my power supply set to 12V. The airflow seemed good, so I'm happy with the size, location, and spacing of these holes.

Did a layout on the canopy skin...

...and drilled the defogging holes.

I also drilled a few extra #19 holes in between some rivets where the center stiffener attaches to the canopy skin. I'm putting these in for a couple possible reasons. They could be used to clip a piece of felt down to the glare shield. Or, they could be used to mount a 3D printed set of air vanes over the top of the defogging holes. Maybe they'll be unused, but now is the time to drill them.

I noticed that on the right side, there wasn't really enough clearance between the bottom edge of the canopy skin and the side deck... I filed it some.

...more filling adn filing of these shrinker marks.

Sanded smooth.