Wed Apr 27 2022

More canopy trimming

Trimmed some more. This time, I removed some material from all four edges. I've also been doing a bunch of research towards getting my SikaFlex materials on order.

I added these tabs on aft canopy bow. Although the aft edge of the canopy is resting on the outside surface of the turtledeck skin, I plan to use these as a guide for when it's time to make the big cut. I believe that when the tallest (1/2" tab) is touching the inside of the canopy, the front trimming should be about done.

No tabs are touching with the canopy laid in place, so more trimming is needed. However, as I'm getting closer, I need to start clamping the canopy in more of it's final position before marking and doing further trimming. So, I need to make some clamps for the sides.