Fri May 20 2022

Fitting canopy

Here's a better picture of the canopy frame tab which rivets to the top / front of the side rail. In this photo, I'm looking down through the canopy at the tab on the left side of the fuselage. This side actually has a slight bit of clearance...I think the canopy itself may be a bit thinner on this side than on the other.

So, I made up this little tool from a piece of scrap steel to bend that tab inboard slightly.

I actually cut two different tools into this piece of steel. This one shown here is for tweaking the tab / side rail where there is only one .062 thick layer of material.

...and this one is for bending where the material is doubled up. I.e. the canopy frame tab is riveted to the side rail.

here's what the it looked like after bending. There should be some additional clearance now.

Sure enough, the canopy sits down further. But now, it's being held up by the acrylic getting wedged between the canopy skin (which curves downward) and the ear of the canopy skin which stands straignt up. I've marked out some additional material to trim off.

Here it is after trimming. Same kind of thing on the other side.

W00t! For the first time, the canopy is touching the tallest of my indicator strips. So it's sitting 1/2" above the roll bar. Getting closer!

Before I can fit the canopy in the rear skin, I'm going to have to trim the bottom edge in this area. Otherwise, it will rest on the spacer that goes between the skin and the (fixed) roll bar. The two screws you're seeing here go through that spacer. As it is now, the bottom edge of the canopy is just about directly inline with that spacer. Sooo...since we know the canopy has to come down another ~3/8", I'm going to have to trim this edge of the canopy up by that same amount. I'll work on that tomorrow.