Mon Jul 04 2022

Bonding on glareshield edge

Everything is laid out and ready to go. I decided I'm going to inject the micro from each end up to the middle. It get's harder as more length gets filled up, so my hope is that I can fill half of the tube from each end. Worst case scenario this doesn't work and I need to make a new glareshield edge.

Micro mixed and syringe filled. It took a helluva lot of squeezing to fill this half of the tube.

With the viscosity increasing as it started to cure, I had to resort to using some Quickgrip clamps to squeeze the other half full of micro. Got 'er done, though!

Fitted the tube to the edge of the glare shield. Only problem I had is that my adapter block squished the slot closed on the ends. I had to use a flat-bladed screwdriver to pry the slot back open.

While that was curing, I installed these two AN470 rivets. These were supposed to be AN426 rivets, but way back when I was working on this area, I had been referring to the preview plans which stated to leave the rivets out. Later, when I saw the full-sized plans had been updated, I realized these should have been dimpled and the rivets installed. No matter, these two rivets will be buried in the roll bar support.

Getting in the mode of preping interior parts for prime and paint before bonding on the canopy, I got around to fitting the seat back supports to the crossmember of the F-705 bulkhead. I had previously drilled them, but not with the roll bar installed. Turns out there is a slight interference...most likely due to the fact that I reduced the width of the roll bar to accomodate for the SikaFlex adhesive. Unintended consequences as usual. Sigh.

Easy enough...I just notched ou the corner of that seat back support piece. The same was required on the other side.

Drilled for a snap bushing to pass the wires through to the baggage area lights.

Here's the location of the snap bushing hole with the roll bar support installed. Also, You can see (one of) the AN470 rivets recently installed.