Sat Jul 17 2021

Canopy pin retention bracket

Although I'm not using Van's quick release mechanism for the canopy, I need the canopy pins not to rotate (to avoid wearing out the aluminum popup tipup arms), but they also need to be free to move up and down (for the popup function). To accomplish this, I'll be using two 3/8" 4130 steel tubes similar to what Van's uses for the quick release. They will mount to a bracket at the center of the sub panel. Here's the bracket. The top holes will be drilled up to #12 to accomodate an AN3 bolt, and the bottom holes will be for mounting the bracket to the sub panel.

Here's where the bracket will mount. It needs to be mounted forward of the sub panel by about 3/4", so I'm going to need to make a, umm, bracket for the bracket. Jo's going to need a new project on Sunday, so maybe I'll have him make that.