Fri Jul 23 2021

Silver soldering popup tipup bellcranks

We're looking at teh aft ends of the two canopy side rails. The joggle you see will need to be increased on each side rail by about 1/8" to accomodate the Sikaflex for canopy attachment. so, that means I need to file a bit of relief in the aft angles. Here, I've filed the relief in the aft angle of the left side rail...ready to do the same for the right.

Instead of having the bellcranks welded, I'm thinking of silver soldering them to their tubes. So, I cut and drilled a little piece of 1/8" thick plate and cut a sample of tube to use for practice soldering. Instead of hand feeding solder, I've formed a loop and plan to use the torch (with MAP gas) to heat the parts.

I clearly suck at this.

Okay, I un-soldered the parts, cleaned them, and am ready for attempt #2.

That's not too bad. The problem is that when hot, the flux runs like water, then the solder will flow to any fluxed surface that is hot enough to melt the solder.